With the Growth of Web Video, it’s Still Best to Outsource

Web video is entering a new Golden Age. Consumers want to see more of it and e-commerce businesses produce more to keep up with competitors. It’s become so important, that marketing departments are hiring employees with video production experience. But this may not be the best decision for you.

Forego the Hiring Process

Hiring a new employee in any role is time-consuming. It’s also a drain on resources. You must advertise, sift through the applications, interview and hire. Even then, it’s not clear that you’ll get the right person. Can you afford the time resources to fire and hire again? In hiring an agency such as Top Pup Media, only a brief consultation is required.


Hiring is not just time-consuming, it’s expensive too. It’s not just about the salary, bonus, and benefits, add to that the cost of equipment, insurance, ongoing training, vacation pay and so on. You must pay full-time employees even when there is nothing for them to do. Contracting out any work, even long-term often proves infinitely cheaper as you pay only for the work carried out. Video costs can be much more affordable that hiring.


Nothing can compete with the broad experience of working with an agency such as Top Pup Media. We work with many clients in many industries. This means we are able to channel that wealth of experience to each new contract. That’s the kind of experience a full-time employee cannot acquire when they’re working for one organization at a time.

A Valuable Partner

When you hire a video production agency such as Top Pup Media, you’re hiring a professional service. You may feel that a full-time employee would have more of a vested interest in your organization because they work only for you. It’s not true that a contractor is less dedicated. You will get the same commitment and professionalism from a video production agency.

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