Why Businesses Need to Invest in Video Production

If your business is not already using video as a part of your marketing strategy, you may be wondering why you should invest in video production at all and most importantly, how it could help you.Here are some of the key reasons how video can help you with your business.

Video helps build social media exposure

Businesses today use social media to engage with their existing or potential customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Twitter (to name just a few of the key social sites) are very powerful ways to spread the word about your business and your product. Your customers expect to see engaging content – and a video is far more engaging than website text, a downloadable PDF brochure or still images. Video can tell your story quickly and powerfully.

Video is taking over the Internet

In a report released in 2014, Cisco – one of the largest tech companies in the world – estimated that by 2017, video content will account for over two-thirds of internet material. Video sites such as YouTube continue to grow, and businesses are finding the benefits of having videos online such as promotional videos, interviews, product and service videos.

Marketing tool that leads to sales

Studies have repeatedly shown that visual media improves your bottom line. A report by IDG in 2012 found that consumers researched products and services after watching videos; furthermore, up to 50% have visited an online shop or retail location for more information and even made purchases after watching relevant videos. Follow up studies in recent years have solidified these conclusions.

Your customers will market for you

There are two ways businesses can improve their profitability: increasing sales and reducing costs. Marketing is a large part of a business’ expenses, so you should grab any opportunity to reduce the costs of spreading the word as efficiently as possible. Customers who are passionate about your business will happily spread the word for you on their social media platforms, and it takes very little effort for them to do so. A well-produced and compelling video has the potential to go viral.

Professional expertise for little cost

Some businesses have in-house marketing teams that can make videos. While these internal teams can create videos, a professional video production company is better equipped with experienced crew, top talent and the latest high-end gear to create compelling, visual stories that engage the intended audience. A professional video company also has years of production experience to work from. At Top Pup Media, we’ve produced hundreds of successful corporate and business videos since 1998.

Perfect for mobile devices

Mobile devices have become our primary method of web access – already overtaking desktops and laptops. Whether tablets, netbooks, hybrid tablets or smartphones, videos and mobile technology work together very well. They are easy to view, convenient to engage with and easy to share. 10% of all web video plays are presently driven through mobile technology and it is increasing.Check out this article to learn more about what it costs to produce a video.If you have any further questions about creating videos for your business, please contact us today for more information.

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