When telling a story through video, know your audience

An effective video engages the viewer to take action. Your business may have an amazing product or service to offer, but if you don’t communicate it to the right viewers, then you will not get the reaction you want. Don’t focus on the idea of simply relaying your story, but pay close attention to what is appealing to your select audience, to your customers. What you present in your video should be essential to them. Telling a great story through video is a powerful way to reach them.Find out who your target audience is, and build a viewer profile to know what appeals to them. What kind of story would appeal to them? How much time would they spend watching the video? Where are they watching them? You should have a solid understanding of what does and doesn’t work with your target audience.What is your viewer expecting to see—an edgy, fast-paced 3D animation for young gamers, or a touching, inspirational story for boomers? What draws them into it? What would keep them away? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of your audience’s viewing preferences. Use this knowledge to help you convey your story in a way that will instigate action and engage the viewer.Be honest with your audience. Have a conversation that is worth their time. Use a language they can understand. Tell your story as though you are talking specifically to the one watching. People like being spoken to directly and being able to connect even in body language. It’s estimated that 80% to 90% of what we communicate is in how we say it, not what we say.Understand your viewers—their thoughts and opinions. This can help you anticipate their next move and course of action. Show them what they want to see, and give them information on things relevant to them. Offering details that could be of interest not only helps get their attention, it is also the first step to establishing trust and relationship.Let your story naturally connect your business to your viewing audience.

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