When producing a marketing video, have a clear message

When you’re about to start producing a marketing video or trade show video, the first step is to have a clear message.Make a list of your objectives, and identify the main purpose of the video. These will guide you in creating a direct, focused message that you can communicate to your target audience. Are you launching a new line of products or a new service? Do you want to establish your company’s reputation and increase brand awareness? What is the video all about? Once you have established the answers to these questions, you have now laid the groundwork to tell your story.Be specific. Don’t beat around the bush. If you’re taking a stand, hit the heart of the matter without hesitation. Be confident and bold with your message. Avoid being vague. Stay away from confusing metaphors and ambiguous words. Clarity persuades best.Make your message timely and relevant. There is no need to deliver a message that people are no longer interested in hearing about, or communicating something that is outdated or no longer in use. Make sure your audience can easily benefit from experiencing the production. Put value and substance into it, and turn it into something your audience can relate to.Be authentic. Today’s immediate access to vast information makes it easy for people to call your bluff. Your integrity and credibility can directly impact the effectiveness of your video. Don’t be pretentious. It is said that 80% to 90% of what we communicate is in how we say it, not what we say. So, be real. This is very important for internal corporate videos. You must accurately and effectively capture the tone of your business so that it will translate to your staff, clients, investors, and the public.Finally, be concise. Focus equals impact. Long overviews and descriptions are for brochures, not for videos. Remember, less is more. Don’t overload your audience with information. Make room for establishing trust and for tapping into emotions; you will generate a more positive response that way.__________Top Pup Media is a Dallas video production company. We provide video production services for business, companies and corporations. We product corporate videos, online videos, marketing videos, promotional videos and tradeshow videos. Contact us for more details.

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