VMR Express Promotional Video – Surgical Notes

Dallas-based Surgical Notes hired Top Pup Media to produce a promotional video for their new medical records software, VMR Express. They were looking specifically for a short scenario video that would demonstrate many of the surgery center frustrations of excessive paperwork, and how VMR Express can reduce or eliminate printed forms and paperwork.This promotional video is used on their website, at tradeshows and other marketing materials.

VMR Express

As an interesting comparison, below was our first pass at the video. In the pre-production process, one small question wasn’t asked, “What should they be wearing?” We realized after the fact that it was supposed to be set in a surgery center and everyone would be in scurbs, not office attire. We ended up reshooting the piece with everyone in scrubs. But just in case VMR Express ever makes into the regular office, we’ll keep this one handy.

VMR Express, the Office Version

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