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Videos for Trade shows

Another type of video productions used in business are videos that can be used at tradeshows.

You have a new product or service that you’re introducing to the market, and you need an effective way to reach your customers; a high-quality, well-produced, promotional video can powerfully market your new product or service.

Or, maybe your goal is to clearly educate potential partners or clients about your company operations and business strategies; an informative, highly-convincing video can quickly and concisely capture your message and provide a cost-effective way to reach your audience.

We work with your company to create compelling, visual productions that promote your products and services. To make sure we accurately represent your company’s brand, we work closely with your marketing team to ensure our deliverables meet all of your brand and marketing requirements.

These are some types of trade show videos:

  • Product or service videos
  • Commercials for web or television
  • Event capture videos
  • Launch videos
  • Interactive kiosk videos
  • Brand awareness videos
  • Promotional and marketing videos
  • Customer interviews and testimonials
  • Partner videos
  • Management interviews
  • Technology videos

We have produced tradeshow videos for many companies over the years. Some of our productions have been featured in both large and small conferences like CES, Comdex, AWE and many others.

Here are some samples of trade show videos we have produced:

Chase Bank Commerce Animation

Nokia Monetization Trade show Video

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