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2D Animations

Animations are videos that typically require little or no camera work. Most of the production work is scripting, storyboarding and then animating the visuals to voice over and/or music. There are times that a traditional corporate production with interviews and B Roll may require animations to describe a new business service or a company’s annual performance, for example.

Animation can be done in 2D or 3D environments. 2D Animation is often referred to compositing or motion graphics and is used with fixed, visual assets like logos, graphics and images.

Here are some common uses for video animations:

  • Teasers, Bumpers and Lower Thirds
  • Marketing and Promotional Videos
  • Interactive Media and Presentations
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Tradeshow Kiosks
  • Website and Online Video Demonstrations

Here are some samples of 2D animations we have produced for clients:

Chase Bank Merchant Animation

SmartStart Animation

IRIO Hand-Drawn Animation

Masergy Explainer Video