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The Importance of Production Value

Production value is the combined technical qualities of the methods, materials and skills used in a production. Videos produced with high production value will look very different than videos with little to no production value.

Production value is most commonly reflected in the production’s budget. Higher budget projects tend to have high production value when produced correctly. Lower budget projects are much more difficult to produce with high value because of the limited resources.

At Top Pup Media, we strive to find that perfect balance of budget and high production value. Over the years, we have refined our production process continually to bring you the best value for your production dollar.

When considering production value, each of the following areas should be considered:


Story is the foundation for a powerful, compelling video. Without a great story, you will lose your audience quickly. They will click away, change channels or just turn it off. You story must be engaging and memorable.


With advancements in technology, everyone can capture video today. From iPhones to camcorders, video is easy to capture. But, quality footage requires quality cameras. A good production company will have access to high-quality, professional cameras.


Whether natural or artificial, proper lighting techniques are essential for quality video production. Without it, your video will look cheap and amateurish. Make sure you consider lighting when planning your video.


There are different types of camera movement. There’s handheld that you typically see on YouTube and action movies. There’s fixed, like on a tripod. And then there’s high-quality motion like on a dolly, slider or jib. High quality camera movement can set your video apart from others.


Where the video takes place is important to create value in your story. Many times, multiple locations are required to set the tone for your visual story. A company that wants to communicate its manufacturing capabilities will need to shoot at the appropriate facilities.

Production Design

The look and feel of a location is determined by production design. If, for example, you want to shoot a story in a dungeon, you will need a production designer to help create that environment. It is difficult to hide cheap production design, so make sure you utilize a skilled production designer when needed.


On-screen talent can make or break your production. You could have quality production across the project, but if you’re actors are not good, the entire video will suffer. If your story requires actors or voice narration, make sure you audition and cast professionals.


As with lighting, sound is one area that most productions will neglect. Audio is absolutely essential for high production value. If you can’t hear what the interviewee or actor is saying, then why watch the video. Make sure your production company utilizes high quality audio capture during filming.


Background music can play an important role in your video. The type of music your use will set the tone for your visual story. Quality music can set a professional tone for your video.


Putting it all together is where the visual magic happens. Editing your video is the final step in the creative process. You can have a great story, solid acting, creative lighting, wonderful sound and still ruin your video with poor editing. A good production company will have skilled, creative editors who are excellent in telling your story.

Not all productions require this level of detail. For example, locations and production design may be minimal, because we’re shooting interviews in the CEO’s office instead of a set. However, the key to improving production value on the screen is to consider all of these elements.