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Telecom and Tech Videos – Use the Industry Expert

Telecommunications and other areas of technology are booming industries across the world, and Dallas is no exception. In fact, Top Pup Media got its start in this industry and we’re eager to lend our extensive expertise in this field to our fellow technology-based companies. We are experts in the production of telecom and tech videos. Our executive and founder, Russ Pond, spent 16 years working for two Fortune 100 wireless telecommunications companies prior to launching his video production company. Educated as an electrical and computer engineer, he holds 6 technology patents and a particular fondness for this field.

Experience is critical in the field of technology, and our knowledge of the industry is invaluable in creating media that connects with your audience in a meaningful way.

Top Pup Media | Wireless and Telecom

Top Pup Media has the telecom and tech videos expertise you’re looking for – whether you need a commercial, an explainer video, or sales training assets.

Dallas Telecommunications and Technology Video Clients

A professional, modern video is paramount in producing results in the world of telecom and technology. Innovation drives the entire industry, and it’s important to showcase that quality in any videos which represent your business. That’s why Top Pup Media delivers only the highest quality of video production. We want to show your ideas, products, and business at their most inspiring.

Our consistently outstanding videos have garnered the patronage of tech clients such as AT&T, Nokia and Uniden. Plus, we also support innovation by producing eye-catching videos for small startups like eTrak, CorFire and

No matter the size of your business or project, we can help you create a powerful story!

Unique and Industry-Specific Video Goals

Videos are a dynamic tool that have proven to be even more effective than simply images or audio alone in reaching your audience. That audience will vary with each video, and we adjust our strategy for your video’s unique goal. Whether that’s demonstrating how to use the features of your latest product, letting potential customers know about what makes your company unique, or training your employees in a new tool that will increase their efficiency, we know how to grab your audience’s attention and deliver your message in a way that is engaging and memorable.

We’ve produced a variety of videos across the telecom and technology industry. The types of videos include:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Marketing Spots
  • Sales Training and Educational Videos
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Promotional Spots

Telecom and Tech Videos – Production Samples

Here is one of the technology and telecom videos that we have produced for our clients:

Please go to our portfolio page and choose your preferred industry to view more of the telecom and tech videos we have done for our clients.

As you can see, each video is just as unique as our clients. We take pride in consistently upholding your brand, while tailoring the tone, message, and even graphic for the needs of the specific video. Your production team will review those needs with you, to ensure that your video reaches your audience in the optimal way.

Production Leaders for Telecom and Tech Videos in Dallas

At Top Pup Media, we believe in working closely with every client to achieve your exact goals. Your production team will be in direct contact throughout the process, and they’re always just a phone call away. Give us a call today and discover the difference that’s set Top Pup Media apart as the top Dallas video production studio.