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Top Pup Media | Construction

Making a memorable impression is important in any industry, and construction is no different. At Top Pup Media, we specialize in offering high-quality construction video production that is fully tailored to the needs of our clients. We work closely with you to ensure that your construction video effectively reaches your audience and fulfills all of your goals, from safety, to education, to training.

Safety Construction Video Production

Training and safety procedures are crucial in any construction or manufacturing environment. Thorough safety training ensure not only less injuries and accidents for your employees, but also more protection for your business.

Engaging videos connect with the viewer, and we take pride in creating productions that deliver your message in the most effective way. Whether that’s via a technical explanation and detailed examples or succinct and important guidelines, we combine audio, visual, and graphic elements to convey your message and grab your audience’s attention. We want to help you maximize safety and productivity throughout your entire construction site.

Meeting OSHA guidelines and remaining updated on regulations is also crucial to protecting your workers and your company’s future. We ensure that each of our construction training videos meets these standards, and we can even produce videos featuring specialized industry training and certification. Plus, your video production team will be in constant contact to ensure that you are updated on the video’s content through each step of the process. If any concerns should arise, your team is just a phone call away.

Top Pup Media | Construction

Whether you need safety training videos or promotional and marketing videos, Top Pup Media is the construction video production company for you.

Marketing and Demo Videos

Demonstrating the exemplary work that your company has completed can be crucial to building a great portfolio. Whether you want to showcase your latest project or show your customers what you can do, we can help you get there. Video marketing is the largest growing field of advertising, and high quality videos can take your construction portfolio to the next level. Our experience in creating videos for construction companies across the Dallas/Fort Worth area has enabled us to present your work in the best light.

Do you know that you’ve created some amazing projects and aren’t sure where to begin showcasing the results? Are you ready to start a new project and want to show how far it’s come since inception? Top Pup Media is ready to consult with you and share our ideas on how we can put your company in the spotlight.

Construction and Manufacturing Clients

In addition to working with national corporations, Top Pup Media completed construction video production for clients across DFW. Some of our construction clients include:

Construction Video Services

Our video production services for the construction and manufacturing industry includes the following:

  • Safety Training to meet OSHA requirements
  • MSHA Mining Certification
  • Drone and Aerial Video Footage
  • Long-Term, Time-Lapse Videos
  • Underwater Video Footage
  • Global Travel to Construction and Plant Sites
  • Long-term, Retainer Projects

You can view some samples of our construction and manufacturing videos on our Portfolio page. Click on “Construction” to see the specific videos related to the construction industry.

No matter your needs, Top Pup Media is ready to meet and exceed them. Contact us today to discuss your unique construction video production needs.