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Top Pup Media | Industries

Top Pup Media produces a variety of videos across many different industries and business types. These are some of the industries we have produced for:

Financial Industry

Top Pup Media provides high-quality video production services for businesses in the Financial industry.

Our in-depth knowledge of payment processing, secure transaction processing, credit card payment technology, PCI compliance and many other financial requirements uniquely positions our production company as a top provider for financial institutions.

We’ve worked with Fortune 500 financial companies like:

Types of Videos

For these financial companies, we’ve produced a variety of videos including:

  • Promotional Videos
  • Product and Service Videos
  • InfoGraphic and Explainer Videos
  • Training and Education Videos
  • Customer Testimonials and Stories
  • How-To Videos
  • Online, Web and YouTube Videos
  • Internal, Corporate Videos
  • Commercials and Marketing Videos

Here are a few samples of videos we have produced for the financial and payments industry:

InfoGraphic Video

Promotional Video

Training and How-To Video

Customer Testimonial

Explainer Video

For more information on Top Pup Media can help you with financial videos, click here.

Telecom and Technology Industry

Dallas-based, Top Pup Media, got its start in telecommunications and technology. Executive and founder, Russ Pond spent 16 years working for two Fortune 100 wireless telecommunications companies prior to launching his video production company. In fact, Russ holds 6 technology patents.

Educated as an electrical and computer engineer, Russ has a fondness for telecom and technology. That’s why tech companies continue to call on Top Pup Media to create compelling technology stories in video.

Technology Video Clients

Some of our tech clients include Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Nokia and Uniden. We’ve also produced videos for small startups like eTrak, CorFire and

Small or large, we can help you create a powerful business story!

Types of Videos

We’ve produced a variety of videos across the telecom and technology industry. The types of videos include:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Marketing Spots
  • Sales Training and Educational Videos
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Promotional Spots


Here are some telecom and technology video samples

For additional information on videos for the telecom and tech industry, click here.

Construction Industry

For more than a decade, Top Pup Media has produced a variety of marketing, training and online videos for the construction and manufacturing industry in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas.

Construction Demo Reel

Construction and Manufacturing Clients

Some of our construction clients include:

Construction Video Services

Our video production services for the construction and manufacturing industry includes the following:

  • Safety Training to meet OSHA requirements
  • MSHA Mining Certification
  • Drone and Aerial Video Footage
  • Long-Term, Time-Lapse Videos
  • Underwater Video Footage
  • Global Travel to Construction and Plant Sites
  • Long-term, Retainer Projects

For more information on videos in this industry, click here. You can also view some samples of our construction and manufacturing videos on our Portfolio page. Click on “Construction” to see the specific videos related to the construction industry.