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Top Pup Media | Video Production
Top Pup Media | Video Production

Video Types

For decades, video and film had two primary functions: entertainment and advertising. But, today’s business environment is quite different. The modern visual medium of today uses video for many different business needs. To help you better understand how video can help with your business, here are three different categories of video types:

Video Quality

Production value is the combined technical qualities of the methods, materials and skills used in a production. Videos produced with high production value will look very different than videos with little to no production value.

Top Pup Media | Video Production

Video Production Timeline


Pre-Production is all about planning. There are so many details when it comes to video production. Good planning can help make sure that the production goes smoothly. The more you prepare and plan, the smoother your production will flow.


Production is where the magic happens. It’s the time when cameras are rolling, interviews are happening and the story is being captured. While shooting on location or in a studio, you’ll find that our crew is creative and professional.


Now that our footage is “in the can”, it’s time to start assembling the video. There are many elements that make up the finished video. Post production is where it all comes together. It’s more than just dropping in the clips that were captured in production. It’s about crafting that compelling story in a professional and artistic way.


The final video approval has come through, and now the video is ready to be released. With today’s myriad of video platforms, it is essential to make sure we find the most effective way to get your story in front of your viewers. We work with you to help find and maximize the distribution of your video.

Video Production Costs

We don’t believe in keeping our clients in the dark on what it costs to tell their story. While each project is totally unique, we are always proactive about providing accurate and reliable cost estimates for your video project.

Top Pup Media | Video Production
Top Pup Media | Video Production


Healthy project relationships are built on healthy expectations. To that end, we walk you through what to expect during every step of the video production process.


At Top Pup Media, we provide a variety of video production services to help you craft and produce a compelling video for your business or corporation.

Top Pup Media | Video Production


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