Using Video for IPO Roadshow

More and more, the use of video is shaping the world of marketing and this trend will continue as 82 percent of businesses plan to spend more on video marketing in 2018. It has now reached the point where consumers expect to see content in a video format—25 percent of them will lose interest in your product or service if you don’t have a video explaining it. The following describes how a transportation company called Daseke partnered with Top Pup Media, a full-service video production company, to utilize video for IPO Roadshow.

Traditional IPO Roadshow

The traditional route for investment bankers who want to raise money for a new company going public is to create expensive, professional, glossy brochures telling the company story combined with a lengthy PowerPoint presentation running through the financial information. They take these materials on the road for their customer briefings, hence the label “IPO Roadshow”. However, more companies are now employing videos for these roadshows. They are finding that video is more efficient for mass distribution, viewing results metrics, reaching a wider audience, and it involves a lower cost when presented to multiple sources. Organizations already incorporating video in their marketing include Facebook, Asian e-commerce retailer Alibaba, camera and video software developer GoPro, and fast food chain Shake Shack.

Daseke’s IPO Roadshow

Daseke in the leading consolidator of flatbed and specialized transportation companies in North America. It is comprised of 12 operating companies with over 3,800 trucks and over 8,200 flatbed and specialized trailers and has an annual revenue of $1.2 billion. They offer comprehensive, top-class services to some of some of the world’s most respected industrial shippers. Two years ago, Daseke hired Top Pup Media to create a series of IPO Roadshow videos that they used to successfully go public in 2017.

Business Storytelling

The objective of the Daseke video project was to share Daseke’s story and financial standing to investors. The videos included segments on how the organization was created, what industry need the companymet, and how other companies joined forces with Daseke while retaining their autonomy. The power of storytelling was effectively demonstrated by company founder and CEO, Don Daseke, and CEOs of the companies who joined with Daseke. The videos served to communicate trust, confidence, and credibility with a personal touch.

After laying the groundwork with Daseke for the creative direction of the project, Top Pup Media traveled to multiple transportation facilities around the United States, holding interviews with high-level executives along with the workers and drivers in the field. Top Pup Media collaborated closely with Daseke to craft interview questions and talking points in order to best construct the main messaging items Daseke wanted to present to its audience. Because of this teamwork, Top Pup Media was able to come up with a compelling script which successfully demonstrated the business achievements, company spirit, and goals of Daseke to investment bankers and potential partners.

Results speak for themselves and on February 28, 2017, Daseke became publically traded on NASDAQ, listed as DSKE.

In this project, Top Pup Media was able to utilize its full-service video production repertoire including planning and strategizing, scripting and story structure, coming up with significant message points and talking points for interviews, pre-production, use of animation, production, and post-production.

In the process, the value of close collaboration with the client was reinforced to Top Pup Media. Additionally, Top Pup Media enhanced its skills by producing not just one but a series of videos including long-form video presentations.

For those organizations looking to commence or expand video production in their marketing strategy, the following points are worth noting:

  • Producing high-quality videos is essential. These videos will stand out from the completion, see higher engagement, and result in greater Return on Investment.
  • Longer videos are also now the trend when it comes to telling a business story. If they are done well, they can convey effectively both the spirit and the facts about your company.
  • Storytelling is a powerful tool in videos. Who wants to see someone in a monotone rattle off a series of statistics. A good storyteller not only engages the brain but also taps into one’s emotions.
  • Social media platforms are increasingly using video.
  • Videos are becoming less expensive to produce with new technology. This includes hiring a professional video production company.

Meet and exceed your company goals by incorporating well-produced videos into your marketing mix. The results will be well worth it.

The Daseke Story

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