Using Online Web Video to create the response you want

Top Pup Media | Using Online Web Video to create the response you wantKnowing the exact action you want to generate from your online web video can help you effectively plan how to solicit that particular response. Identify what you want your viewers to do after watching the video, and how you want them to do it.Grab your viewers’ attention. You won’t get them to respond if you don’t have their full attention. Start your video strong. Don’t save your punches until the end. According to research, audience interest rises and falls dramatically within the first few seconds. If you can’t capture their attention quickly, chances of keeping it fall dramatically. Be smart in how you craft your visual message, and how you will grab their attention at the start.Solicit a reaction that’s specific. Too many options can be confusing. Do you want to create sales, generate leads, communicate a new feature, promote brand awareness or educate investors? Don’t confuse your audience with too many alternatives, because if you do, you will get mixed responses. Make sure the reaction you desire is clear and concise. This will help you build your story and message more accurately.Lead the way. If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, feature your website address in the video, so that customers will visit and learn more about your company. If your goal is to increase sales, then prompt your viewers to make a purchase by showing them where they can buy your product or the phone number they can call to order.Generate a quantifiable viewer response. Whether you are running a simple opinion poll, or introducing a new line of products, the response must be something that can be measured. Most video distribution channels today have specific measurement tools. These metrics and analytics can provide specific feedback to make sure you are generating the response you want.——-Top Pup Media is a full-service video production company. We specialize in corporate videos, marketing and tradeshow videos, online web videos, films and television. Contact us if you need any video production services.

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