Three Steps to Creating an Effective Promotional Video

There’s a lot of psychology behind online advertising, especially when it comes to marketing videos. These visual tools can be just what your company needs to demonstrate value and to get people thinking about your product or service.Here are 3 steps to help you put together an effective promotional video. First, you start with a problem or a pain point for your customers. Then, show how your product or service resolves this problem. Finally, announce a call to action to the viewer. This is a way for the viewer to get involved with the solution, and hence the video’s conclusion. This three-step process is at the heart of a great promotional video.These are the various aspects within each step to help to flesh out the content.


As you display the problem, try to emphasize the pains and bad situation it is creating. A problem shouldn’t be vague, but focus clear, specific issues. It should also be enticing and use the viewer’s language to describe what is happening. Using industry words is a good way to connect with your audience. The biggest part is to make the problem relatable and remind them about previous times they have felt the same. Good promo videos follow a core story, and the best ones succeed because of it.


Remember, upon revealing your solution, you are helping to complete a story. A promo video is a conflict between a problem and your solution. This herein is the climax: it resolves the issue at hand. A little bit of humor or dramatic irony can help make this point more impactful. This is also where you are to be most creative! Try writing a sentence, and basing your conflict resolution around that idea, as if you are working from the middle out.

Call to Action

The final aspect is most like a traditional commercial, as it often mentions a website, where to buy, or how to order your product or service. You can make this a memorable part of your video by using humor, a jingle, or words that rhyme. Whatever you use, make sure your CTA is clear, focused and simple.These are 3 basic steps that can guide you through putting together a good promo video to help sell your audience and demonstrate what your company has to offer.Here’s a sample of a recent promotional video we produced:

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