The First 15 Seconds – How to Hook a Viewer with Video

Top Pup Media | The First 15 Seconds – How to Hook a Viewer with VideoAccording to Alexa, YouTube is the third largest site on the web – only Google and Facebook are bigger. There is no doubt that this pervasive website is an authority when it comes to video. So, when their research shows that the average video has only 15 seconds to hook a viewer, then we should listen.That’s a very short time to grab someone’s attention, but no matter how long your video is, 15 seconds is all you have. It doesn’t matter how long your production is either: whether a short commercial or an extended interview, 15 seconds is all you’ve got to grab and keep a viewer. Ultimately, you want a viewer to watch all of your video. If they leave before the end, they will most likely miss the point of your video and the call to action that wraps up the video.

15 Seconds of Fame?

Viewers will move on to the next video if you cannot give them what they want. If it’s a documentary, what can they learn from it? If it’s a product or service video, what are you trying to sell and how could it benefit them?

  • The opening 15 seconds must compel them to watch further. Set questions and promise exciting things to come if they are willing to wait – make them care.
  • Teasing the viewer is the key to hooking them – open with questions they may want answered but promise that answers will come later “but first we need to go back to…”
  • Don’t overdo the teasing. They need to know what they are watching and what they can learn.
  • Business is about branding and perception but with a video, people don’t want to be bombarded with marketing and advertising. Content is important, so focus on communicating valuable information and use brand your content subtlety.

YouTube Creator Hub (Playbook)

In August 2011, YouTube made available it’s the YouTube Creator Hub (though then it was called Playbook) with hints, tips and tools for putting together videos. It shows how to grab an audience and stop them clicking on a link to take them elsewhere.One of the best tools available on the YouTube Playbook is the Analytics (formerly known as Insight). It’s a tool that shows how popular your video is, including referrers, demographics of your viewer, and can give a heavy indication of what engages people. YouTube Analytics can answer questions like:

  • At what point do people stop watching?
  • Where do they rewind or pause?
  • Which sites are reproducing your content? Could you engage with them?
  • What country are your viewers watching from?

YouTube’s Creator Hub allows you to fully understand your viewership and how to better engage them.At Top Pup Media, we can help produce a compelling, engaging video to grab your viewer’s attention. Contact us today to help you get started.

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