The 5Cs and Corporate Storytelling

Storytelling is the essence of advertising – and it is arguably truer still when we consider the impact that video advertising and corporate storytelling can have an audience. The five Cs are Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversations and Conflict. Whether your production is a sales video, a recruitment video, a non-profit call-to-action or an explainer video, yours should have all five elements.


This is where you set your scene, your attention-grabbing headline. A good introduction tells the audience the basics of what it needs to know in the first few minutes or even seconds; it doesn’t leave them hanging but gives the audience enough to know whether the information will be relevant to their needs. Even if relevant, you still need to make it enticing enough that they won’t look elsewhere for the same information. We’ve previously discussed how you have just 15 seconds to grab your audience so use them well.


You have their attention, but what are you going to do to keep it? You can’t rely solely on a good introduction to keep your audience and once those 15 seconds have passed, you’re not immune from your audience losing interest. Now, you need to engage their curiosity deeper and want to keep watching. It’s curiosity about your product or service, your employment package, or your message that will compel them to keep watching. Their interest must not be allowed to wane.


Audiences of modern video advertising demand a human element to the story. Google has been voted “World’s Best Employer” on many occasions. When you watch their recruitment videos, they do not use actors, but real employees and you can see how happy they are in their work. Another example of character in branding is to present a person with a problem and a desire in the audience to root for him or her in overcoming it.


Never underestimate the power of the human connection. Social media is designed to bring people together, even if its critics say it does quite the opposite, but we cannot deny that when announcing big news (engagement, marriage, pregnancy, birth) the first places we go are Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone about it. Humans are social animals and we respond to conversation far more than a simple list of achievements. As discussed in the previous article, we are not as rational as we think we are, and far more emotional than we believe ourselves to be.


Every story ever written is about conflict – it is simply the presentation of a problem followed by a solution. Your professional video is no different. Without conflict, there is no story. In a sales video, you present a problem and the product or service as the solution. In a recruitment video, you appeal to those feeling stuck in their jobs (problem) and an enticing offer to work for you instead (solution). Families struggle to keep up with bills (problem) but your business has cheaper prices (solution).

Top Pup Media can you craft and produce a compelling business video using these structural, storytelling elements. Contact us today for more information.

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