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Get YouTube to Recommend your Video

In the world of advertising media, content is king. Using a chessboard analogy, we could argue “Exposure is Queen”. She is the most powerful piece on the board. You could win without her, but it makes it monumentally difficult. No matter how well thought out, planned and recorded your video campaign is, if it is not being seen by the right people then it could be a wasted campaign. Here are some tips on how to get YouTube to recommend your video. The Power of YouTube Recommendations According to web statistics, 40% of viewed YouTube content is a result of recommendations from the platform. This powerful medium comes in three basic forms. Suggested videos from the creator Videos by other…


Social Media Video More Influential than Television

We’d suspected it for years but now it’s official. A recent study found that among the younger generations, particularly Generation Z (roughly 13-25 year old group), social media video is the most important visual medium for advertising. It’s a fundamental change that began with the tech-savvy Generation Y, but those who follow in their footsteps are taking it one step further. It’s a generation brought up on the internet from a much earlier age than Gen Y and certainly more than Gen X. Their habits are forging the future for video marketing. The Findings The first and most critical finding is that Generation Z watches more YouTube than television content. This means that YouTube celebrities are more household names to…

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YouTube and Copyright Infringement

It has been a problem for many years, users file YouTube and copyright infringement claims against users who then find their well-constructed videos taken down. It provides a headache for the user as they seek to prove that they have the right to use the material or argue “Fair Use”. YouTube recently announced that it would take further steps to ensure that content is on their site legitimately – and this includes investigating false claims of use of such content as music where you need proper licensing and a claim of Fair Use does not apply.Top Pup Media produces original video content using assets specifically tailored for your business or project. That includes graphics and voiceover artists. If you should…

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Using YouTube Description Effectively

You may have produced the best video content in the world, but it will be for nothing if you haven’t effectively setup the video in YouTube. You may already know the standard tips, but one thing that is often easily missed is the YouTube description box. When you browse YouTube, take note of how uploaders utilize the description. See how many use the following tactics. Put Relevant Information in the First Few Lines Five lines are good, two are better. This is effectively your meta-description so it should contain the keyword and a very brief summary. The opening two lines will appear next to your video in the YouTube search list so ideally, the most relevant information should go here. The…

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Website Videos: To Embed or Self-Host

We’ve discussed many times the importance of proper production and distribution of your video, but one of the questions that comes us from our clients is whether they should embed their content from YouTube or Vimeo, or whether to self-host. Embed or self host? There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Advantages of Embedding One key advantage to embedded video is its effectiveness for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Hundreds of thousands of people visit YouTube every second, and it is one of the highest-ranking websites anywhere on the web. Embedding your business video will help you grow your audience and increase your potential for click-throughs from YouTube.Vimeo is another great video platform that many businesses prefer. Though it doesn’t have…

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Producing Videos for Your Website

You’ve taken that important step in creating a video for your website – whether a video introduction to your business, promoting a product or service, or simply a commercial to spread on social media. There are several factors you need to think about producing videos for your website. Production Value Production Value is your planning process for the content of the video and contains your production strategy, the content of the story, the quality of the production and the location – because where the video will be set is important and will differ depending on what you are producing and why. You’ll need to think about the type of cameras depending on the setting and conditions, about the audio, effects and…