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Video Production

How to Get Viewers to Watch All of Your Video

We know that video is a powerful medium. According to a recent report, 94% of businesses think video is a powerful tool when they are buying. 81% of sellers who used video in 2018 saw higher sales while 53% had reduced phone calls to their customer support. Video is powerful and its growth shows no sign of slowing down in 2019. It’s important to note that a video’s true effectiveness is getting viewers to watch all of your video. This is how you improve how much of a video is seen to ensure more people hear your message. Create a Hook and Deliver on It Whether you’re producing your own videos or hiring Top Pup Media to produce professional content on…


How to Improve Your Facebook Watch Time

Facebook is now a serious contender to YouTube in the video marketing arena. So, learning to improve your Facebook watch time is an essential step for marketing your business videos. Viewers now require shorter videos that seize their immediate attention. Some must do so in as little as 6 seconds, but 15 seconds remains the norm. Last year, Facebook introduced video streaming service “Facebook Watch”. Going forward, this will be the backbone of advertising across the site. We understand that 48% of video views on Facebook now come from direct sharing. That’s a lot of untapped marketing potential and businesses should pay due attention to Watch Time statistics. There are several ways to increase watch time. Native Uploading An independent…