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Emotional or Rational: The Key To Your Video’s Success

There is a long-running debate in video advertising about whether the message of a video should target rational decision-making or attempt to engage the emotions of the audience. Emotional or Rational? Both have their place, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the consumer prefers a more emotional connection with media than simply being bombarded with facts and figures and claims about scientific proof; yet it is the rational approach that is the most common. Making the Right Decision for Your Business Video How you intend to pitch the story of your video should be the first consideration of the script. Some advertising analysts and consultants recognize that appealing to rationality has become the default position. It certainly has its place, but studies in…


How to Use Videos for your Business

It is important to present videos for your business to the broadest audience possible. The web is not the only place where you should attempt to reach out to your customers. In order to maximize impact, consider using other outlets. Email Promotions & Direct Marketing Uploading your business video to a site like YouTube, hoping people will see it, is passive marketing and should be only part of your promotional strategy. If you offer email newsletters to your subscribers, then it’s certainly a wise move to promote videos in your marketing emails. This is a more focused strategy than good SEO in that you are informing already-interested parties that you have uploaded content that may be of interest. And, when the email reader clicks your video…

Recruitment Video

How to Make a Recruitment Video

We have discussed the importance of videos to reach your customers, but have you considered creating a recruitment video to hire talented employees? It’s becoming very common, particularly in the tech industry. High-profile users of recruitment videos include Google, Microsoft and Apple – using the very tools they use in business to attract the designers and business leaders of tomorrow, to invite speculative applications of highly-quality talent.Making a good recruitment video can be tricky but if you follow these steps, it’ll help you find the best candidates for your business. Think About How You Present Yourself Before you can begin filming, you need to think about your company image and outlook – and how you are going to present your business image….

Explainer video for startups

How to Make an Explainer Video for Startups

Explainer videos are very popular today and continue to grow. More and more companies are using these short, animated videos to explain, communicate and inform viewers. Explainer videos can describe a company’s product or service, while other focus on creating more of a brand experience. For the past couple of years, we have produced a variety of explainer videos for both Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses like startups and new companies.Just recently, we finished work on an explainer video for a new web startup called CampCite. Building upon their brand, design elements and core features, we created this unique, promotional web video that will be used on their landing page to educate and inform viewers about their new, social media service. So, you’ve got a new…