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DIY videos

The Problem with DIY Videos

Despite websites packed with images and text pages, video content represents over 95% of viewed material on the internet. It’s a powerful medium for businesses of all sizes; without it, you are potentially hindering your business’ marketing efforts whether you use it for commercials, marketing or campaign promotions. Yet this desire for more engagement through video has tempted many businesses to bypass professional video production and go at it alone. DIY videos are fraught with many problems, and here’s why. Art Over Science When producing any business video, it’s easy to get carried away with such elements as design, effects and visuals. While these things are important, far too often we see that amateur video producers ignore the “science” of…


Why Businesses Need to Invest in Video Production

If your business is not already using video as a part of your marketing strategy, you may be wondering why you should invest in video production at all and most importantly, how it could help you.Here are some of the key reasons how video can help you with your business. Video helps build social media exposure Businesses today use social media to engage with their existing or potential customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Twitter (to name just a few of the key social sites) are very powerful ways to spread the word about your business and your product. Your customers expect to see engaging content – and a video is far more engaging than website text, a downloadable PDF brochure or still images. Video can tell your…


Five Video Production Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As video production technology improves while dropping in price, almost anyone can make a video these days. It’s certainly simple and inexpensive. With a few simple steps, you can produce a decent, low-cost, amateur video.But, your business deserves more than just an amateur, mediocre-quality video. After all, how you tell the story about your product or service communicates a lot about your brand and professional image. Here are some common video production mistakes to avoid with creating a professional video: Poor Planning The old saying goes “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” and this is certainly true in video production, whether you’re creating a two-minute interview or a thirty-minute product presentation. One of the most crippling…

production quality

How Quality Production Value helps Your Business

It’s a term that most people have heard, largely through movie reviews in magazines, blogs, amateur reviewers on the web and maybe even in filmmaking. Unless you are in the industry, you might not know what it is, even if you hear it all the time. Yet the term “production value” is important to businesses like yours in promoting brand awareness and appearing professional to your customers. What is Production Value? Production Value is the quality of the film or video – basically, how professional it looks. Costs vary depending on the different elements that contribute to the final, visual product. Each one of these elements determine the Production Value of a project: Story: Every production starts with a great story. People are drawn to a well-told story. Location: Make sure the setting fits the…


Seven Secrets on How to Produce a Compelling Business Video

Over the past two decades, our Dallas video production company, Top Pup Media, has produced hundreds of videos for both small and large clients, even Fortune 500 companies. This experience has helped us optimize and streamline our production process, and increase our level of quality and excellence in video production.Taking what we have learned over the years, here are seven secrets we utilize when creating videos for businesses. Have a Clear, Simple Message Start with clear objectives. What do you want to accomplish with the video? Establish your brand messaging? Train your sales force about a new product or service? Get customers excited about a new feature? Once you have clarified the purpose for the video, then you can be specific and focused about your video message. This is a key starting…