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Facebook Overtook YouTube for Video Marketing Uploads

There was a time YouTube seemed untouchable when it came to video marketing. Facebook has always had a video upload function but only last year did it begin pouring resources into making it a serious contender. Since summer 2017, it’s been worthy of serious consideration as a marketing platform but a shock new study revealed 46% of new web video content is now designed specifically for Facebook. It beat YouTube into second place on 41%. At the end of 2017, multiple marketing agencies, organizations and analysts predicting this would be the case in 2018. Facebook is Now the Top Platform for Video Marketing YouTube is still seen largely as a content site. Ads do appear, but usually at the beginning…

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Rational and Emotional Concepts for Video

In a previous article, we discussed how the average consumer believes they are more rational than they actually are. We cited evidence that decisions made on which service and product to buy was often more emotional than rational. Understanding these rational and emotional concepts for video can help you connect with your audience.Here, we discuss some of the tactics you might use in choosing which direction to take when building your video campaign. Are you looking to encourage your audience to feel a connection or will you engage their logic? Common Rational Arguments The concept of rational marketing attempts to instill the idea of great value and quality. Appeal to simplicity: Everybody wants convenience. This is a common tactic with technology products and services; the…