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Essential 2019 Video Marketing Strategies

You have a high-quality promotional video from Top Pup Media. What happens next is, of course, entirely up to you in how and where you choose to market it. With a variety of 2019 video marketing strategies, there are far more platforms on which to show your video than the three choices that businesses were limited to just five years ago: YouTube, Vimeo, and your business website. The platform you choose to promote your promotional video depends on what you hope to achieve with your content. Every business needs a long-term strategy if the video content is to deliver the required results. Perceive Video as Integral Using video as the all-powerful in 2019 means changing the mindset about video marketing….


Essential Video Production Marketing Strategies

Top Pup Media knows how to produce effective and engaging videos for your business, whether B2B or B2C, but a great production is only half the story. It has to be seen by the right people in the right situations at the right time.In order to turn your video into a successful marketing tool for your business, you need effective distribution and marketing strategies. Simply put, you need the right people to see your video and to respond accordingly.With the proliferation of video on the web, you have many options for sharing your video, but it’s also too easy to get lost in the virtual clutter. A strong, well-planned marketing strategy for your video is essential to generate the views…