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How to Use Instagram Video

In the world of internet marketing, businesses of all sizes are always looking for the next method to reach their audience. Facebook and YouTube have been a great way of reaching out to customers with video, but content slips down a timeline quickly. Competition for attention in the form of likes and shares is fierce. There is one potential answer to social media saturation in Instagram. It’s All About Images and Videos We know that images and videos are powerful marketing content so the next natural step is to use a platform that shares only that type of content. Videos are especially powerful, representing less than 5% of content on the web but over 95% of viewed content. On Instagram,…


Social Media Video More Influential than Television

We’d suspected it for years but now it’s official. A recent study found that among the younger generations, particularly Generation Z (roughly 13-25 year old group), social media video is the most important visual medium for advertising. It’s a fundamental change that began with the tech-savvy Generation Y, but those who follow in their footsteps are taking it one step further. It’s a generation brought up on the internet from a much earlier age than Gen Y and certainly more than Gen X. Their habits are forging the future for video marketing. The Findings The first and most critical finding is that Generation Z watches more YouTube than television content. This means that YouTube celebrities are more household names to…