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Rational and Emotional Concepts for Video

In a previous article, we discussed how the average consumer believes they are more rational than they actually are. We cited evidence that decisions made on which service and product to buy was often more emotional than rational. Understanding these rational and emotional concepts for video can help you connect with your audience.Here, we discuss some of the tactics you might use in choosing which direction to take when building your video campaign. Are you looking to encourage your audience to feel a connection or will you engage their logic? Common Rational Arguments The concept of rational marketing attempts to instill the idea of great value and quality. Appeal to simplicity: Everybody wants convenience. This is a common tactic with technology products and services; the…

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Emotional or Rational: The Key To Your Video’s Success

There is a long-running debate in video advertising about whether the message of a video should target rational decision-making or attempt to engage the emotions of the audience. Emotional or Rational? Both have their place, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the consumer prefers a more emotional connection with media than simply being bombarded with facts and figures and claims about scientific proof; yet it is the rational approach that is the most common. Making the Right Decision for Your Business Video How you intend to pitch the story of your video should be the first consideration of the script. Some advertising analysts and consultants recognize that appealing to rationality has become the default position. It certainly has its place, but studies in…