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DIY videos

The Problem with DIY Videos

Despite websites packed with images and text pages, video content represents over 95% of viewed material on the internet. It’s a powerful medium for businesses of all sizes; without it, you are potentially hindering your business’ marketing efforts whether you use it for commercials, marketing or campaign promotions. Yet this desire for more engagement through video has tempted many businesses to bypass professional video production and go at it alone. DIY videos are fraught with many problems, and here’s why. Art Over Science When producing any business video, it’s easy to get carried away with such elements as design, effects and visuals. While these things are important, far too often we see that amateur video producers ignore the “science” of…

production quality

How Quality Production Value helps Your Business

It’s a term that most people have heard, largely through movie reviews in magazines, blogs, amateur reviewers on the web and maybe even in filmmaking. Unless you are in the industry, you might not know what it is, even if you hear it all the time. Yet the term “production value” is important to businesses like yours in promoting brand awareness and appearing professional to your customers. What is Production Value? Production Value is the quality of the film or video – basically, how professional it looks. Costs vary depending on the different elements that contribute to the final, visual product. Each one of these elements determine the Production Value of a project: Story: Every production starts with a great story. People are drawn to a well-told story. Location: Make sure the setting fits the…