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How to Structure your Business Video

Every video tells a story. And, every story has a structure: a beginning, middle and end. Business videos are no different from a book or a movie when broken down like this. When we put together a business video, we will clarify and communicate your key message into this structure. Here are the three essential steps on how to structure your business video. The Introduction: The Customer’s Pain Points A great introduction introduces the problem and then introduces your organization as the solution provider. Every story starts with a hook in the form of a succinct or attractive opening line. The equivalent of a great opening line for business video is to address the problems of your potential audience and to…


Maximizing your Video Call to Action

What Should Go in a Video Call to Action? Customers have certain expectations from social media marketing today. One of these expectations is that promotional material should sign off with something called a “Call to Action”. This is just as important for videos as it is for sales pages, blog posts and email marketing. Here, we present a list of the elements that go in an effective video call to action. The Hook The most popular type of hook is “FOMO” or “Fear of Missing Out” designed to drive customers to buy your product or service before it’s too late. With FOMO, the intention is to instil the necessity for a quick and hasty reaction to buy. Other types of…