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How Can Video Help my Business

SEO is constantly evolving and changing to provide the best possible web experience and relevant matches for users. Initially, the carefully composed written word was king, but now search engine algorithms incorporate other forms of media too. Google and other search engines must keep evolving to keep up with the popularity and diversity of social media. In March 2018, an article on video marketing at Know Techie said “video is set to become standard practice” in SEO. Now, over a year later, there appears to be no sign of a slowdown. You might wonder how can video help my business. Here are some ways video can help your business. Mobile First and Video The much-publicized “mobile first” means precisely what it…

Video Production

Using YouTube Description Effectively

You may have produced the best video content in the world, but it will be for nothing if you haven’t effectively setup the video in YouTube. You may already know the standard tips, but one thing that is often easily missed is the YouTube description box. When you browse YouTube, take note of how uploaders utilize the description. See how many use the following tactics. Put Relevant Information in the First Few Lines Five lines are good, two are better. This is effectively your meta-description so it should contain the keyword and a very brief summary. The opening two lines will appear next to your video in the YouTube search list so ideally, the most relevant information should go here. The…

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Emotional or Rational: The Key To Your Video’s Success

There is a long-running debate in video advertising about whether the message of a video should target rational decision-making or attempt to engage the emotions of the audience. Emotional or Rational? Both have their place, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the consumer prefers a more emotional connection with media than simply being bombarded with facts and figures and claims about scientific proof; yet it is the rational approach that is the most common. Making the Right Decision for Your Business Video How you intend to pitch the story of your video should be the first consideration of the script. Some advertising analysts and consultants recognize that appealing to rationality has become the default position. It certainly has its place, but studies in…


How to Use Videos for your Business

It is important to present videos for your business to the broadest audience possible. The web is not the only place where you should attempt to reach out to your customers. In order to maximize impact, consider using other outlets. Email Promotions & Direct Marketing Uploading your business video to a site like YouTube, hoping people will see it, is passive marketing and should be only part of your promotional strategy. If you offer email newsletters to your subscribers, then it’s certainly a wise move to promote videos in your marketing emails. This is a more focused strategy than good SEO in that you are informing already-interested parties that you have uploaded content that may be of interest. And, when the email reader clicks your video…