Storytelling Through Video

Many of you may have already seen the video advertisement for Chipotle titled, “The Scarecrow.” If not, check it out below before reading this article.This video is so well done for so many reasons. It demonstrates powerful storytelling through video. The video advertisement runs a little longer than most, at 3:20, but I find that every time I watch it, I am engaged the entire time. One reason is because the art of storytelling involved, and the fact that the story is told so well. Regardless of whether you are a supporter of Chipotle or not, or even whether you believe that Chipotle is using manipulation to bate consumers into supporting their brand is not the point of this article. We do not even find out the video is advertising Chipotle until the very end. I am speaking in this article specifically of the story and the video.The creators of this video use meticulously executed animation and graphics to help tell their story. The original creation of the protagonist in the story, the scarecrow, and the attention to detail of his facial expressions, movements, mannerisms, and interaction with the other characters provides the audience with a relatable human experience. Utilizing animation in this way when creating a video is so powerful to the art of storytelling.The music is also another important aspect to the story. Of course, Fiona Apple’s voice has always been so expressive, and regardless of whether she is hitting every note spot on or not, is never important. She has something to say, and she has always been a master, in my opinion, of communicating the story behind any song to reveal a deeper meaning. Her voice and talent really gives the Scarecrow a layered quality, and the visceral, raw, and vulnerable musicality and timbre in her voice, provides a palpable character arc for the other creatives on the team to expand upon. It also does not hurt that the song choice is the theme song to “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” which so many of us recognize. I have heard other artists remake this particular song, but have not heard it as expressively represented as it is by Fiona Apple. So this being said, voice over talent and music choice also play a vital role in helping tell the story you are communicating for a video.This segues into sound design. Upon first watch, some may not even pay attention to these subtle nuances, but important factors like sound design really add that extra layer that a piece needs to progress the storyline forward with smooth transition. The ominous cawing of the crow, what it represents, and how it is designed with a lingering echo, all merge so perfectly with the rest of the story. The train sound design that looms in the background as a means of transportation to the factory, and the sound of the beef stamp to represent the harsh reality of the Scarecrow’s working circumstances as the lie being stamped into a consumer’s brain in the form of a seal of approval, are all important aspects of a video that may go unnoticed. These sounds play a huge role, even in our subconscious minds, as we watch/listen to a story.Also you may notice the color correction in the video. This plays a vital role in the overall mood of this video. Notice the color of the factory in comparison to the colors elsewhere. The time spent on really capturing the color in production is another factor in communicating this short story.There are many more important aspects in the telling of this story that make this particular video a piece worth mentioning. These are just a few that you may want to consider as you are brainstorming about the next video for your company. These important aspects are some that set a video well ahead of it’s competition. All of these layers add the necessary components in effectively communicating your message and the story of your company.

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