Steps to Producing an Explainer Video

Top Pup Media | Steps to Producing an Explainer VideoAs you look through our portfolio or at some of our Explainer Video, you may be wondering exactly what is involved in the production process for these kinds of videos.Here are the steps to producing an explainer video:

  • First, we work with the client to finalize and approve the script. Every good Explainer Video has a professional script to explain a process or highlight certain key elements for your business so that your audience is well informed. You may already have a script written, or you may need one written for you. We offer full-service script writing. We can even help you edit, revise, or elaborate on specific bullet points in which you may need to cover in your video. Our team of professionals ensures that there is no hassle on your end, working alongside your company to ensure that the script meets the most professional standards. Once the script is approved, the exciting and creative role of bringing it to life begins.
  • The next step is giving your script a voice. You may already have in mind the style of voice you’d like for your video–male, female, tone of voice, etc. Auditioning voice over talent is a way for us help you and provide you with options. Once cast, we professionally record the voiceover track.

  • Thirdly, background music is a very important addition for your video to enhance the overall mood and really engage your audience. Our talented music team can either write an original score for you, or we can review stock music libraries with its countless options. Let us know the style of music you are wanting, and our team can interpret your description precisely to select the your preferred track.

  • Your brand guidelines are important, and we always want to make sure we meet all your marketing requirements. We create all of the video elements according to your company’s brand requirements.

  • Animating the visuals in your explainer video to sync with the voiceover and music is the next key stage in the production process. Our animators work with cutting edge technology, complimented with creative skill, to give your explainer video movement and add an essential element.

  • Another key creative element for explainer videos is sound design. Adding those sound effects to animated visuals can really make the animation come to life.
  • Reviewing, revising, and approving the animation is the final step in the process, and we handle your explainer video with care to certify, as we approach a final version, that the product is according to your specific standards.

  • Once the video is approved, we then encode and upload your video deliverables. This can be done in any format you need. We are well-versed with the encoding process to best optimize your video for online, high resolution playback.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the production process works for your explainer video, you can be assured that you are in good hands. Depending upon the amount of revisions, the entire process typically takes from 4-6 weeks.Contact us to go over the details of your explainer video, and let’s begin the process by setting up these steps.Here are some of our recent Explainer Videos:

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