Start Up Business Videos

Video is a potentially limitless marketing tool, and start up business videos are no different. According to Hubspot90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. That’s a high return on investment (RoI) in terms of traffic and share-ability. However, taking your business to the next level requires the right video using the right approach at the right time. Top Pup Media produces a wide variety of content for businesses both large and small. Here is a small selection of video type that we’ve found particularly useful to start up businesses just like yours.

Introduction Video

The simplest and the most effective type of video for businesses just getting started. In this type of video, you will introduce yourself and your product/service to the audience. It’s ideal for both customers and for investors, especially if you’re looking to crowdsource investment funding. It’s simple and allows you to put a human face on what you do. That is an effective marketing tactic in a business world where a considerable number of people value the personal and the champion the small business.

Video Testimonials

Instead of telling the world how great your business or product/service is, why not let your customers promote it instead? It’s more authentic to involve customers. A testimonial video comprising a few quotes from happy customers offering testimonials is great for your business. It’s a cost-effective method of advertising your products and services.

Educational Videos

“How to” content is among the most popular search terms on the web. That is as true for video as it is for written content. When users want to learn how to use a product, they much prefer a visual reference to reading a blog post. If you sell a piece of technology, for example an external flash for DSLR cameras, a short video showing some basic techniques of use and hacks will be popular. You could feature a video showing the user how to use your product in a variety of situations. They’ll appreciate the practical advice and perceive you as an industry authority.

“Thanks for Your Loyalty”

The main reason customers choose small businesses and startups is because they feel valued. They feel the business cares about their interactions and will respond to concerns and complaints. What better way to acknowledge and nurture that video than to highlight your success and growth by giving credit to the people responsible? When they feel valued, they keep coming back and they recommend your business to their friends and contacts too. This type is ideal at the end of a particularly successful year or during a growth phase.

Are you looking for start up business videos to broaden your audience? Do you want to express gratitude to your customers or show them how to use your product? Reach out to Top Pup Media, and we’ll help develop the ideal video to help you grow further.

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