Show. Don’t Tell. Telling Stories with Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Telling stories with video should be worth a whole lot more than that. In corporate storytelling, choosing the right visuals or video sequence is vital in conveying your message to the intended audience. Many times, we have explained how important video is to web marketing. Just as important is how you convey your message. Here are some ways in which you may show and not tell your audience what you want them to know about you or your product.

The Work Environment

A sweeping shot of the building, images of the corporate culture, employees looking happy and fulfilled, and bright airy rooms is important in demonstrating to potential employees just what they might expect from working for you. A few words will help, but the audience will feel spoon-fed (or that you are trying too hard) if you persist in explaining what they are looking at. A few words along the lines of “positive corporate culture”, “generous benefits” and “pleasant work environment” are sufficient prompts to complement the video.

Sales Videos

Your corporate message needs to be carefully set out – are you a “traditional” and “family run” business or are you a large, corporate entity with years of experience who listens to customer needs? If the former, people want to see how small and traditional you are. Images of your production facilities and some of your employees working in them can go a long way in conveying that message. Similarly, you can show you are a global business with shots of facilities from around the world.

Product Reviews / Explainers

Product explainers nearly always require a host to introduce the product and the problem “we’ve been asked about how to do XYZ so we’re here to show you” being a typical format. Video is infinitely better than written text simply because most people do not like to read instructions; where they are poorly written, it can be frustrating – so it is not surprising how popular they have become. Here, viewers can see the product in action and if necessary – follow the steps to solve their problem.

The Expo / Conference Announcement

With this type of video, no narrative should be needed – you shouldn’t need to tell your intended audience much. A caption along the lines of “Footage From Last Year’s Event” should suffice. Wide, sweeping shots of the facilities, the buzzing crowd, footage from a few talks, maybe a party or other non-business related function, an awards ceremony will give a bite-sized summary of what the audience can expect; a 60-second video should convey everything your audience needs to know, and with minimal voiceover.

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