Seven Secrets on How to Produce a Compelling Business Video

Top Pup Media | Seven Secrets on How to Produce a Compelling Business VideoOver the past two decades, our Dallas video production company, Top Pup Media, has produced hundreds of videos for both small and large clients, even Fortune 500 companies. This experience has helped us optimize and streamline our production process, and increase our level of quality and excellence in video production.Taking what we have learned over the years, here are seven secrets we utilize when creating videos for businesses.

Have a Clear, Simple Message

Start with clear objectives. What do you want to accomplish with the video?

  • Establish your brand messaging?
  • Train your sales force about a new product or service?
  • Get customers excited about a new feature?

Once you have clarified the purpose for the video, then you can be specific and focused about your video message. This is a key starting point.It’s also important to keep your message simple. Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Sometimes, clients want a very long video to make sure it covers all the benefits and features they are trying to promote. But, this is rarely effective and often increases the cost of the video production since the videos tend to be quite long.

Know your Audience

This is one of the most important steps in producing a video. It determines the tone, style, voice and content of your video. Knowing who your audience is will give you the direction and messaging you need to reach them.Do the necessary research to learn about your target audience. Build a viewer portfolio and learn what appeals to them. Ask questions like:

  • What kind of story would they like to see?
  • How long will they spend watching the video?
  • Are they watching on your website, YouTube, theater ad or TV commercial?
  • What kind of reaction should my audience have watching this video?

The more you know your audience, the better you will be able to reach them.

Tell a Compelling Story

Story is powerful! By creating a compelling story, you will be able to connect and engage customers at a deeper level.One study shows that emotion activates the brain 3,000 times faster than regular thought. A great story will activate a viewer’s emotions, and according to this study, consumers pay 200% more when decisions are based on emotions.We like to work hand-in-hand with businesses to create stories that are effective in reaching the target audience.

Be Consistent

When producing a series of videos, either for training or promotion, it is essential that you maintain consistency across all the videos. This helps establish consistency across the following:

  • Branding and the brand message
  • Marketing message
  • Company story and culture
  • Leader’s vision and passion

Consistency strengthens your message and impacts your audience in a powerful way.

Generate the Response You Want

It’s essential that you know exactly what you want your video to accomplish. You can create a video to solicit a specific action or response. Videos can be used to:

  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase product sales
  • Educate consumers about features and benefits
  • Strengthen your brand in the marketplace

Knowing what response you are looking for can help you create an effective video.

Start With the End in Mind

Once you know what kind of video you want, it’s important to establish how your video will be shared or distributed. Some of the common uses for videos today include:

  • Company website
  • YouTube channel for SEO exposure
  • Trade shows
  • Sales training and education
  • Television commercial
  • Theater advertising

Each one of these distribution methods has different production requirements like camera choices, legal releases, casting, music rights and much more. Knowing the end in mind is essential to successful video production.

Differentiate Yourself Through Quality Production Value

With the advent of YouTube, everyone is making videos these days. There are millions and millions of videos uploaded every month. So, how can you stand out with your video? Quality production value can help your video rise above the rest.Production value describes the quality of the video being created. It can include aspects like:

  • Scriptwriting and story creation
  • Camera and lighting choices
  • Professional talent
  • Editing and graphics
  • Music and sound design

If you want your business to appear professional, then take steps to differentiate yourself by focusing on quality production value. As always: If you’re in need of a video production company in Dallas who also provides services in Fort Worth, please give us a call today at (214) 444-3470!


If you are interested in learning more about these seven steps, download our free eBook called “Seven Secrets to Producing a Compelling Business Video”.

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