Promotional Video for Hilton RMCC

Top Pup Media | Promotional Video for Hilton RMCCTop Pup Media recently finished production on a promotional video for Hilton RMCC. Hilton partnered with us to capture the company’s culture, story and what it’s like to work at Hilton RMCC. The promotional video would be used to help promote Hilton RMCC to new employees and partners.

The production elements for this project consisted of interviews, B-Roll, motion graphics, and music. We worked closely with Hilton to craft the interview questions and talking points.

On the day of production, our crew worked closely with the client to capture interviews of the employees. Working with actual employees can be challenging. Many have never been on camera before, and are not used to being interviewed. We provided some helpful tips on getting ready for their interview.

Our director worked to keep the employees relaxed and comfortable during their interviews. Instead of using a scripted approach–which often comes across stale and not very energetic– we used a more natural approach using a series of interview questions to help create a more organic response from the interviewees.

The end result was a compelling, energetic and fun promotional video.

Hilton RMCC Video

At Top Pup Media, we specialize in promotional videos for businesses and corporations. Having produced hundreds of these types of videos, our production process from start to finish is a proven, effective method. You can read what some of our clients are saying.

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