Corporate Employee Stories – Stacy

Construction - Interview, Testimonial

This is from a series of employee videos that were used by HR to recruit new employees.

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Monetization Animation

Wireless - Animation, Marketing

This monetization animation is a promotional video for Nokia utilizing a mix of 2D and 3D motion graphic elements.

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Bar Louie Restaurant Video

Restaurant - Animation, Marketing

Short 30 second teaser video for Bar Louie Restaurant that was played in theaters prior to the movie starting.

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CampCite Explainer Video

Software - Animation, Marketing

This high-concept animation utilizes 2D elements matching CampCite’s brand elements to education customers about this new social media company.

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Infiltrators (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment - Film & Television

An ‘urban explorer’ is blackmailed into infiltrating a derelict building on the eve of its demolition in the hope he can recover a forgotten treasure.

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IRIO – Ten for One

Non-profit - Animation, Marketing

This highly-stylized and illustrated animation was created to promote a non-profit organization.

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