How to Improve Your Facebook Watch Time

Facebook is now a serious contender to YouTube in the video marketing arena. So, learning to improve your Facebook watch time is an essential step for marketing your business videos.

Viewers now require shorter videos that seize their immediate attention. Some must do so in as little as 6 seconds, but 15 seconds remains the norm. Last year, Facebook introduced video streaming service “Facebook Watch”.

Going forward, this will be the backbone of advertising across the site. We understand that 48% of video views on Facebook now come from direct sharing. That’s a lot of untapped marketing potential and businesses should pay due attention to Watch Time statistics. There are several ways to increase watch time.

Native Uploading

An independent study last year showed a 477% better share rate and 530% improved comment rate for Facebook native videos over Vimeo and YouTube links shared to the site. The more sharing, the greater number views and better the watch time.

Use the Right Copy Text

Facebook hashtags are woefully underused, as is SEO in general across the site. But Facebook has a well-developed system. Place keywords organically just as you would on your webpage and YouTube upload and place a few hashtags. The better this is, the more shares you’ll experience.

Look at Your Timing

This can be difficult to calculate, especially if you’re speaking to a global audience. But some studies show the best time to post content is at the weekend with the optimum time being 1pm. You’re most likely not at work then. Use the metrics to see when people most engage with your content.

Utilize Playlists

It stands to reason that if a Facebook user likes one of your commercial videos, they may look for another. Facebook permits the creation of playlists just like video sharing sites. All your videos go in the album for that type of content, but the video playlist feature can help you organize and categorize your content.

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