The Importance of B2B Videos for your Business

It has been noted repeatedly that video represents the overwhelming majority of visited content on the internet while still only making up a small part of it. A majority of video content is aimed at businesses who sell to the consumer (B2C), but video is also vital for those businesses who sell products and services to other businesses. B2B videos are an important part of the web’s video content, but recent years have demonstrated just how important it is. A survey conducted in October 2015 revealed some interesting results.

2015 Survey Results

A seminal survey on video marketing content for last year – the fourth annual report – examined the results of marketing, agency and managers questioned about their video content; the data was compiled from over 350 businesses that operate primarily or solely in B2B industries. 96% of those businesses who responded said they used video as part of their marketing; some 73% said that their video content had had a positive impact on their business. Furthermore, and most interesting for companies like Top Pup Media, 41% of businesses planned further investment in this area for 2016 and beyond.

Where Are B2B Businesses Using Video Content?

83% of marketing and business leaders said that video content is present on their website. A much smaller number, some 50%, use it primarily in their email marketing campaigns. The same survey also highlighted how much of an increase there has been in recent years. Nearly two-thirds had used video marketing for over five years; 32% said they had started using video in the last two years.

Are There Barriers?

Of those who do not use B2B videos for their marketing, or only use a minimal amount of video, three key barriers were mentioned in the survey:

  • 44% reported an inability to record or monitor return on investment (ROI) that made them hesitant to focus more effort on using video in their marketing campaigns
  • 37% felt they did not have the in-house expertise to produce regular and effective content
  • 17% felt there was a distinct lack of creativity within their organization that could make it worthwhile

Top Pup Media for Your B2B Videos

Video has proven its marketing worth beyond any doubt as far as B2B and B2C is concerned. Multiple agencies and organizations have come to realize that it is a vital part of a marketing strategy. Top Pup Media provides a range of services for businesses; most of our video production is for companies that work B2B so we fully understand your needs and requirements.The three key areas in which you may wish to hire Top Pup Media include:

  • General promotion of products and services and encourage sales
  • Increase brand awareness and lead generation based on brand recognition
  • To increase search engine rankings and landing page conversions

Contact us for more information about starting your video project.

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