How to Use Videos for your Business

It is important to present videos for your business to the broadest audience possible. The web is not the only place where you should attempt to reach out to your customers. In order to maximize impact, consider using other outlets.

Email Promotions & Direct Marketing

Uploading your business video to a site like YouTube, hoping people will see it, is passive marketing and should be only part of your promotional strategy. If you offer email newsletters to your subscribers, then it’s certainly a wise move to promote videos in your marketing emails. This is a more focused strategy than good SEO in that you are informing already-interested parties that you have uploaded content that may be of interest. And, when the email reader clicks your video link, you are now driving traffic back to your website.

Brochures & Leaflets

It is easy to forget your hard copy promotional material when working with digital media. Leaflets, brochures and fliers are still powerful advertising and marketing methods and are especially good at engaging people who do not use the internet on a regular basis (older people for example will go on the internet to look at something specific rather than to surf the web). Simple links with a clear call-to-action such as “For more information visit our YouTube channel” or “Our short explainer video can be found at this web address” can reach out to those fringe audiences who may not considering looking for more information.

Trade Shows & Expos

Technology affects most areas of business today and the global community needs to keep up with trends and reach out to partners and clients. One of the most commons ways is for the business community to get together at an industry trade show. It’s a great opportunity to reach out to your audience by placing one of your relevant business videos on an overhead board at your stand to promote your business, service or product. A video draws crowds – encouraging the curious event attendee to engage. More traffic means more exposure, more sales and more people asking about your business.

Press Releases & Product Launches

Press releases and product launches are about disseminating information through the right channels that will, in turn, disseminate the information further to maximize the number of people exposed to your core message. Product launches are extravagant and exciting, building anticipation for the presentation itself and the impact a new product will have on the market. As part of your presentation, be sure to use relevant videos: draw in the audience, build the excitement and leave them with a positive image to take away and talk about later. Videos engage far more than written material and this is true wherever information is presented.

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