How to Use Video with Twitter

When any business or individual considers possible pathways for marketing video content, one platform that many rarely consider is Twitter. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook business pages and LinkedIn are all well-known ways to promote video content but now the microblogging site is hoping to seize a share of the market. Few people, however, consider using video with Twitter in promoting their business beyond links to text-based pages.

Video Content on Twitter

There has always been great potential on Twitter but this year has seen a greater push towards video content. In May 2015, the microblogging site overhauled its platform to include a number of changes concerning how the platform and its users interact with video content. Most importantly, it began offering space to video marketers to use the site as a marketing tool, using the success of YouTube as a model for some of its new elements.In future, it is expected to introduce an autoplay function, something that has been a popular feature on YouTube since its introduction. As the changes to how Twitter handles video take effect, it is also expected to offer options to watch related video – either from the same uploader or similar in content which it will place on the page beneath the existing video, much like YouTube does in its side bar.In keeping more users on the site, Twitter expects to become a much larger player on the video sharing front. Whether this will affect how YouTube functions is yet to be seen, but as some 82% of Twitter users regularly view video content on the site, Twitter is taking advantage of what they see as an untapped resource.

Mobile App Changes

The mobile app also underwent change earlier in 2015; users can now upload video direct from the app – something that was only possible through the website before. Furthermore, there is a record feature built into the software so users may record and upload using their mobile device and share them. Business users may not create videos in this way as it is difficult to carefully craft a high-quality professional video for business use; nevertheless, the function is there for anybody who can make use of it with powerful mobile based video technology.Most interesting is that 90% of all video videos on Twitter are viewed via the apps. Most users view professionally produced videos with a strong focus on new content. A recent survey suggests that users typically view current affairs information such as streaming news and sports reports. In contrast to YouTube, users are not using Twitter to locate specific content, and not using Twitter to find video content at all, but as a discovery tool and happily interact with the videos that appear on their feed. The potential for video advertising then, is immense if Twitter can carefully plan its strategy.


Below is a sample of the Top Pup Media demo reel that was uploaded to Twitter. And, with their new embed feature, you can add the video content to your website or other online presence.

Note, however, that Twitter limits the playback time to 30 seconds. Keep that in mind when producing your marketing or business videos.

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