How To Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Most of the content we tend to focus on with this blog is web video: how to use YouTube, improve your search rankings with video, Facebook native video and so on. A large part of the marketing strategy for any business is email outreach. Video content is great for spreading the word through your email marketing campaigns.

Why You Should Include Video in Email Marketing

Marketing studies have consistently demonstrated that those who did include this type of content experienced a greater chance of the email being opened and higher CTR. As a form of targeted advertising, this is hardly surprising. Greater click-through rates naturally mean better responses and improved SEO. Evidence also suggests higher levels of sharing from videos sent by email.

Short Videos Work Best

If Top Pup Media produced several videos for your campaign, you should select a single short video to embed in the email, usually the most relevant. If the customer wants to know more, provide the option in the form of links (for a longer video, click here) to YouTube or your web page. You can link a longer video in the form of a Call To Action.

Turn Off Autoplay

Few issues in the world of web video divide opinion more than autoplay. Although watch rates are higher, surveys suggest it’s a major annoyance. Viewers either love it or hate it. Those who dislike it will undoubtedly delete and unsubscribe. If in doubt, do not enable autoplay on your videos. If a customer wants to watch your video, make it easy for them to view.

Choose the Static Image Carefully

The key to encouraging your customer to click on your video is selecting the right still for the thumbnail. This will not always be possible as we may not have included (and the campaign not required) any particularly visually appealing imagery such as a monologue.

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