How to Use Video in Your E-commerce Strategy

By now, you already know the quality video content that Top Pup Media delivers. But creating your e-commerce video is just one part of the job. The second part is how you use video in your e-commerce strategy to achieve your goals. 2018 has already proven a critical year for video and e-commerce. This is how you harness both for business growth.

Did You Know?

Research suggests customers are twice as likely to buy a product after watching a video promotion. Even better is that they are recorded as being 57% less likely to return the product for a refund. This is backed up by survey data from marketers who say that video repeatedly experiences highest levels of ROI. As a result, Google is now starting to prioritize video in commercial content.

Website Embedding

YouTube is now a Google service and you should certainly upload it there. For maximum outreach of your video content, and for SEO purposes, you should also embed the content on your website. Google will recognize the native video and promote it as such. It’s not an either/or. Don’t rely too heavily on one source in the mistaken belief that it’s better for outreach.

Native Upload to Social Media

The rapid pace of change at most platforms, it’s a great time for video. Each platform will now begin to prioritize video over images and text posts – this is true of Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn. There have also been strong suggestions (due to the statistics presented above) that native video is preferred over external links (YouTube, Vimeo etc). We know this is true of Facebook Watch.

Email Marketing

Never underestimate the potential of embedding video links in your email marketing. This can be a tricky task, but you already have a willing audience who have signed up for your service. Video provides improved click-through rates, sharing and forwarding.

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