How to produce a compelling marketing video

Top Pup Media | How to produce a compelling marketing videoToday’s marketing culture is all about “show me, don’t tell me”. With the declining costs of digital production and a myriad of distribution channels, visual communication is no longer a recommendation—it’s a requirement. Whether it’s a short promotional video designed to create a specific response in viewers, or a CEO’s motivational message to employees, a compelling marketing video can be a powerful communication tool.When a potential customer is faced with the decision to read a lengthy PDF with facts and statistics, or watch an engaging video that’s full of energy and excitement, which do you think he will choose? If you understand today’s consumer, then you’ll know that a concise, targeted video can be very effective. Decisions to buy your product or use your service happen much more quickly when the viewer sees how your product can be beneficial, or how your service can make life easier.A well-produced video can be very convincing when telling your story. And today, videos can be played anywhere—from DVDs to tradeshows to websites. These highly-focused, marketing productions are quickly becoming a favorite medium among companies, big and small.Creating a compelling, visual story that is different yet stimulating can be a challenge. We’ve all seen the videos that were painfully dull with poor production quality or just missed the message altogether. But, we’ve also seen a few that we remember like yesterday—timeless clips that made us laugh or cry, or both. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures can be worth far more.In the next few blog posts, I will be sharing secrets to producing a compelling marketing, tradeshow and corporate video.________ Top Pup Media is video production company based in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. We provide full-service video production for your corporate, company and business needs. Contact us to day for more details.

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