How to Make a Recruitment Video

We have discussed the importance of videos to reach your customers, but have you considered creating a recruitment video to hire talented employees? It’s becoming very common, particularly in the tech industry. High-profile users of recruitment videos include Google, Microsoft and Apple – using the very tools they use in business to attract the designers and business leaders of tomorrow, to invite speculative applications of highly-quality talent.Making a good recruitment video can be tricky but if you follow these steps, it’ll help you find the best candidates for your business.

Think About How You Present Yourself

Before you can begin filming, you need to think about your company image and outlook – and how you are going to present your business image. What is your company profile? How do you see your company? The tone can make quite a difference, so be as serious or as irreverent as is appropriate. Google recruitment videos for example are laid-back, sometimes amusing and involving employees talking about their actual working experiences in a conversational tone.

Grab the Attention

As with any video, structure is important. A recruitment video needs to tell the story of your business, including a beginning, middle and an end. For the beginning section, the key is to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them watching. Talk about what the company is about and finish on a question before moving on – something like “would you like to know whether we are the right company for you? Keep watching to find out!” Just as a potential new employee needs to sell themselves and their skills, if you want the best, you need to do the same.

The Pitch

Depending on the industry, your core pitch should make up the middle section; it can be anything, but relevant. If you’re a non-profit, you may want to talk about the people you’ve helped; if you’re a tech company, you should talk about some of your current projects. Without going into too much detail, explain the perks (beyond the salary and healthcare benefits) that may be unique to your company – do you give more vacation time than average? Do you offer training programs? A nursery for single parents?

Employee Testimonials

Use real employees to sell the benefits of working for your business and tell potential applicants what is so great about working there. Show people at work and enjoying themselves. With job satisfaction becoming the most important aspect of work culture in the 21st century, your potential new recruitments will want to see the sort of people they will interact with every day; they also want to see them looking happy, relaxed and fulfilled in their work.

Signing Off

Your conclusion should be short and effectively a call to action – just as you would sell a product or service to a consumer, you want to sell your business to the brightest and best potential new recruits. Make them feel they would be missing out if they didn’t at least send in their resume – make them excited at the prospect of working for you.

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