How to Get your Video on the First Page of Google

Top Pup Media | How to Get your Video on the First Page of GoogleVideo marketing has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to sell products and get businesses noticed online. With user generated video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, it’s easy to get your video on the web and part of the search results. But, there are a few tricks when it comes to creating and marketing a video that will be stand out in the search engines and position your video on the first page of Google.When you search a topic, it’s likely you will be faced with thousands or even millions of competing websites. This list will contain everything from corporate and business websites to user generated websites like blogs and niche websites. It’s impossible to investigate every link listed in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), so most of the time people only pay attention to the first few pages, primarily the first page. Interestingly, the first page of the search results often include videos. Since Google purchased YouTube, videos have now become part of the search experience. According to Forrester, properly structured and indexed videos have a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first page of Google.This is important to know if you’re a business trying to increase traffic to your website through video marketing. Online video traffic, as a whole, is increasing every month and a well-produced, professional video can have a major impact on your product sales. If you want to get your video on the first page of a Google search, here are a few things you should consider:

Create an informative and well-structured video

You can do this on your own or by hiring a professional video production service. While it may be less expensive to do it yourself, a service can take care of everything from scriptwriting, filming and editing. And typically, the quality of video will be much better when produced by a professional video production company.Studies show that most people will drop out of a video in the first 15 to 30 seconds. Make sure your content is well written and engages the audience immediately.

Post your video online

Your video should be uploaded to YouTube and then put on your own website using YouTube’s embed feature. Here are some key things to remember when uploading your video to YouTube:

  • Upload a high-quality HD version of your video
  • Your video title is very, very important for SEO. Make sure it has the most important keywords. Keep is short, simple and keyword rich!
  • Write a very good description using other relative keywords. Describe your video well, and include links to your company.
  • Properly tag and categorize your video with relative information.
  • Engage your audience. Respond to every comment and build your fan base.

Produce Ongoing Content

Most people think that all they need is one video to put on YouTube. Remember, you’re competing with billions of videos. It’s very saturated, but not impossible. The key is to produce regular, relative content for your audience. What do they want to see? What would capture their interest? How would they stay engaged? Regular content builds a strong foundation for improving your search results.Professional videos, marketed properly online, have a good chance of ranking well in search engines. By getting your business videos out there, you can increase your readers, subscribers and even buyers. Web studies have shown that online shoppers are more likely to buy after viewing a product video. Since the potential of online video marketing is so enormous, every business trying to reach a wider audience and increase sales should be doing it.If you need help creating a video that will make an impact, we can help. Having produced hundreds of videos for clients, we can help you reach your audience. Contact us today for more information on Dallas Video Production services!

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This is great, Russ! One item I’d add is the ability to upload a text transcript of your video on YouTube. This transcript allows search-bots to “hear” your video, all the while indexing each word. It’s done wonders for me and my clients.This video ( ) has an interactive transcript enabled. You can see it just below the middle of the video’s frame.Love the attention to VSEO… huge implications for all that subscribe!

Yes, Joe. Excellent point! The transcription will provide an excellent source of keywords. I have many clients who have transcribed their videos and it has really improved their Google position.

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