How to Get Viewers to Watch All of Your Video

We know that video is a powerful medium. According to a recent report, 94% of businesses think video is a powerful tool when they are buying. 81% of sellers who used video in 2018 saw higher sales while 53% had reduced phone calls to their customer support. Video is powerful and its growth shows no sign of slowing down in 2019. It’s important to note that a video’s true effectiveness is getting viewers to watch all of your video. This is how you improve how much of a video is seen to ensure more people hear your message.

Create a Hook and Deliver on It

Whether you’re producing your own videos or hiring Top Pup Media to produce professional content on your behalf, every video needs a hook. A hook can be simple text at the start such as “watch through to the end for a special offer”. On longer videos it may be useful to drop in a few reminders throughout. More important than the hook is delivering on the promise, on time and precisely what was promised. In an existing video that you cannot or do not wish to edit, the hook can be the thumbnail, a text description or in a subtitle. As we’ve talked about in the past, you have 15 seconds to hook a viewer.

A Succinct Text Description (Title and Metadata)

In as few words as possible, highlight what the video is about. The words “How To” are effective in text documents. It’s the same for the video title too. The viewer needs to know what the video is about before they choose to watch, so a good title is absolutely necessary. If placing the video on YouTube or Vimeo, use tags effectively. Viewers often scan these for hints about what other content they might find within the video. If placed on your own website, the page or video metadata must also contain useful information on the subject. This is also good for SEO purposes.

Create Closed Captions

Don’t alienate the hearing-impaired section of a prospective audience or customer base. Closed captions or subtitles are also useful for non-native speakers and an international audience, ensuring the broadest possible audience in your customer base.

Divide into Shorter Videos

How you decide to display and market your videos is down to what works for your business. Your audience may prefer shorter, punchier videos. You can build anticipation by breaking video content down into bite-sized chunks. Taking a recruitment video, for example, you may create a series of one-minute videos from a six-minute video. The first might discuss the requirements of the role. If the viewer is interested, they can go to video number two which could be about what you look for in a candidate.

If you need help in creating visual stories that get viewers to watch all of your video, contact Top Pup Media today.

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