How Quality Video Can Improve Your Brand

Cloud storage and always on connectivity has made it easier than ever for small businesses to create and distribute video content. With SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook stories, everybody is creating video and reaching out further and faster. It’s a fact — video can improve your brand!

A report in 2017 predicted that video content would account for 80% of all searches by 2019. So far, the prediction has come true. More than ever before, customers demand video. However, there are many reasons why businesses should proceed with caution when creating their own videos to save on cost. There may be a place for self-shot video, but your content strategy should require high-quality production.

It’s Good for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is as important for video as it is for text. Search engine algorithms are constantly tweaked to adapt to the new web environment. In a world with little competition, it is easy for the early adopters to get a foothold. As technology, methods and techniques become mainstream, the bar moves a little higher. Not only will search algorithms attempt to separate video out by quality, but customers tend to have higher expectations too. The ability to stay ahead of the pack will set you above your competitors who are presently not using high quality video in their outreach.

Quality Video Increases Email Marketing ROI

If email marketing is successful for you in acquiring new clients or customers, video is a great introduction. First impressions count; for many customers, especially with cold outreach or requests for information, an email is usually that first impression of your business, product, or service. With a good quality video embedded in a marketing email, it is far more likely to be read and viewed than an email without a video. The chances of continued engagement along the sales funnel increases. It’s not solely due to video, but clearly is a key part of branding.

Sales Teams Now Rely on Video

In a report from last year, 76% of sales professionals say quality video has had a net positive effect on sales. It’s good for marketing and good for sales. With that extra revenue, and customers increasingly using video material to make a purchase decision, the chances of a sale are far higher with a high-quality presentation. ROI is higher when the first impression of your brand is one that pays attention to its content with the presentation of high-quality videos. Long-term, you’ll gain a reputation as an authoritative business that knows what it is doing, fostering a positive brand image.

You Have Just 10 Seconds

You will lose one fifth of your audience (20%) in the first 10 seconds of a video. Not everyone will want to watch until the end and there are some things that even a good quality, well-produced video will not achieve. However, it’s important to retain the attention of as many people as possible within that ten seconds. Professional video producers know exactly what can make viewer watch a video and watch it beyond those critical ten seconds. Putting out consistent good quality video will foster the image of being a successful brand, of producing quality, and as a thought leader while poor quality video may have the opposite effect.

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