How Event Managers Use Video

The world of promotion and event management is a highly competitive marketplace. Event managers can effectively use video to capture the interest of a potential audience, get their events noticed and leverage video as part of the event experience. We have discussed many times on the Top Pup Media blog about the importance of video in promotion; here, we discuss how video is a powerful tool in the hands of event managers.

Using Video for Your Event

When producing events, video can be utilized in a variety of ways:

  • Videos can be created prior to the event as a promotional tool
  • During the event, video can be used as part of the event experience
  • Capture key moments of the event to watch later or archive
  • Archiving the event experience

Event Promotion

Your story is to build anticipation, to make people want to come to your event. Video can be used to promote events and draw a larger audience. If you are charging for you event, you can maximize attendance with video, which means greater revenue and profit in sale of goods and services. A well-placed, high-quality video can create incredible buzz. Video can be much more effective at selling tickets than any flyer, leaflet, booklet, email newsletter or snail mail campaign.

Video as Part of the Event Experience

Sometimes an event utilizes video as part of the event experience. Typically, these videos are produced weeks and months in advance, and they are often created around the theme or topic of the event. Since there is more time to script, prepare and produce the videos, these event videos can be created at a much higher level of production value.

Capturing the Event

Sometimes, folks can’t make the event, or the event manager wants to document the event, so capturing the footage at the event is another viable use of video for event mangers. These kinds of videos can be short recap videos or full-length videos of the entire event. Events can be covered by a single person or a team of folks, depending on the amount of coverage you’re needing. These types of event videos can also provide some marketing for you to encourage others to attend in the future.

Archive the Event

When the event is over, the venue cleared and all attendees and organizers returned home, you will still need video to show people what a success it was. Marketing for your next event, especially if it is an annual thing or you are organizing a tour, begins here. Footage from an event that has finished will pique the interest of those who were too far away to attend the last one. A good video showing people having a good time will inspire them and foster the sense that it is a great event to attend; in turn, this will encourage them to see if you are touring anywhere near where they do live or make a note to make the effort to buy tickets early enough next year.

Here is a promotional video from one of our clients who specializes in live event production:

If you’re an event manger and you’re looking to hire a production company, contact us today for more information.

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