How Can Video Help my Business

SEO is constantly evolving and changing to provide the best possible web experience and relevant matches for users. Initially, the carefully composed written word was king, but now search engine algorithms incorporate other forms of media too. Google and other search engines must keep evolving to keep up with the popularity and diversity of social media. In March 2018, an article on video marketing at Know Techie said “video is set to become standard practice” in SEO. Now, over a year later, there appears to be no sign of a slowdown. You might wonder how can video help my business. Here are some ways video can help your business.

Mobile First and Video

The much-publicized “mobile first” means precisely what it sounds like. Search engines index their listings based on ease of use for mobile users. Mobile is not just another useful technology to connect to the web, it’s fast becoming the primary engagement tool. Mobile first concerns not just the website adaptability, but the ease of sharing visual media such as videos. It encourages and promotes the sharing of videos, as well as, infographics and photographs. This means sharing from a web page on a mobile browser direct to social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn which is easier than ever before.

Video Marketing has Proven ROI

Over many years, market research has continually shown that video is effective for customer outreach. Early this year, surveys showed yet another increase in popularity and effectiveness of video marketing. Users of video marketing report – on average – six times the ROI of other forms of visual media and five times that of web text-based marketing. 8 in every 10 businesses say video is effective for their outreach. Six in every 10 are using video on a regular basis. Furthermore, this is one area where businesses and their customers come together.

Your Customers Respond To Video

There is not always an alignment between what a business thinks a customer wants and what the customer actually wants. But video content as a marketing tool is certainly an area where there is alignment. Customers who say their likelihood of buying is higher when viewing a video is remarkably similar at 7.5 in every 10. That’s not all; 8 in every 10 prefer video content over text while 9 in every 10 want video explainers and actively seek them out. But there is not enough of this type of content as only 6 in every 10 businesses use explainers.

The Perception of Knowledge and Authenticity

If you want to present your business as a “thought leader” – an authoritative voice in your industry, there are few mediums better than video. They are quick and simple and with the right presentation, portrays you as knowledgeable to a willing audience. A secondary bonus to thought leadership is the presentation of a human voice and face to your product or service. This is something that text and infographics will never reproduce. Videos are perfect for creating and maintaining a personal connection between business and customer. It builds trust, which is difficult for any business to build, yet equally is easily lost.

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