Filmmaking eBookIn 2007, Russ Pond of Top Pup Media produced his first feature film, Fissure. To help other filmmakers, he documented the entire process from concept to distribution.Top Pup Media is proud to announce the release of Russ’ new filmmaking ebook, From Dream to Distribution: A Filmmaker’s Journey.

Filmmaking eBook

It can be purchased online:

Chapters from the book include:

  • What Story to Tell
  • Development
  • Financing your Film
  • Cast and Crew
  • Getting Ready for Production
  • The Shoot
  • Editing
  • Post-Production Next Steps
  • Distribution
  • Leveraging the Web

Movie synopsis:

Join producer and director, Russ Pond, as he chronicles his filmmaking journey while making his first feature film, FISSURE. Learn about the many aspects of developing, producing and distributing a film in today’s entertainment landscape, including traditional paths for distribution like DVD, theatrical, television, VoD and streaming, as well as, new web-based opportunities for marketing and online distribution.

Movie synopsis:

Detective Paul Grunning is trying to piece together his fractured life. When a routine disturbance at the Ulster home turns into an unexplainable death, all he has worked for will be tested. An ailing, addicted cop, Grunning is haunted by his own bad choices. He investigates the mysterious house, only to find shifting testimonies and perplexing new clues in every room. Sifting through the erratic claims of Emma, the victim’s wife, Rachel, the seductive grad student, and Andrew, a bitterly resentful son… Grunning uncovers motives, but no real answers. Ultimately, Grunning must navigate a fractured reality and his own insecurities to find what’s real.

Movie trailer:

Filmmaking eBook | Dallas Video Production
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Filmmaking eBook | Dallas Video Production
Top Pup Media is proud to announce the release a new filmmaking ebook: From Dream to Distribution: A Filmmaker's Journey.