Facebook Watch 101

Facebook’s provisions for video content has increased exponentially since 2015. Recent additions include 360-video and live video events. But neither of these are as important as the introduction of the Facebook Watch platform last year. This could revolutionize streaming video as we currently perceive it.

Facebook Watch: What It Is

Video is a powerful medium for any website, representing a high chance of ROI for marketers especially. Looking to capitalize on the monetization of video, Facebook Watch could eventually challenge YouTube. They could also challenge Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu long-term.

The new Facebook Watch video platform is exclusive to the site. It is used to host not only user uploads such as vlogs and live recordings, but original content and TV shows too. The idea is to create communities like YouTube, but also provide on-demand services for quality content.

Facebook Watch also supports creators of professionally-made content. Users are able to save and view content at any time. It’s rolling out slowly but once fully developed, almost anyone will be able to upload content. Mixing amateur with professional content and creating a global community has the potential for outreach.

Why It’s Useful a B2B Video Tool

You’re wondering how a YouTube and Netflix hybrid could possibly be useful in marketing. The main difference between these subscription streaming services and the new Facebook platform is the inclusion of video ads. Netflix doesn’t have them at all. Amazon Prime advertises but only its own shows. Hulu has an ad-free option for which users must pay a subscription fee.

But Facebook Watch will build ads into its service. To support the costs, ads during a video. Later this year, they will start to appear pre-roll. That means a tremendous amount of exposure for your video ad content. It’s likely to prove particularly useful to micro-ads (those that last less than 30 seconds).

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